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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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names of 36 people killed in friday night's fire. >> this as atf brings in special teams to figure out what went wrong. and they gave an update on their investigation today. >> abc 7 news reporter, leslie brinkley was there and live in oakland with the story. leslie. >> reporter: the investigation, atf came out today and officially said that they're now looking into power cords, power out lets, in the warehouse, and the area where the fire started as the possible trigger. and as you mentioned, they have completely ruled out the refrigerator as the the cause of the blaze. the electrical engineers have conclusively ruled out the refrigerator as a source of ignition. the refrigerator was in the area of origin, but is not the cause of the fire. atf forensic mapping team setting up cameras in the warehouse to produce not a 3 d image but detailed diagram of items in ghost ship. a process that is expected to
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take two to three days. >> you can peer inside the garage door sized opening of the blackened ghost ship warehouse and see the skeleton of flight of stairs filled with a tangle of charred debris. at the base there is a massive elaborate wood carving almost like a mast head. there are damaged propane tanks and fire extinguishers and cart filled with burned belongings. this father traveled here from utah to take pictures where his 34-year-old son, edmond lapine died. >> what's tougher, i will never see him again. i just want to come see where he died. and where he came to believe thought he was going to have a good time. >> every day, on bart, it is really hard to see people like this. >> reporter: other distraught family members were overcome with emotion when nape saw the warehouse. like the family of 35-year-old alex, who leaves behind two twin daughters. atf chaplain was on hand to comfort them.
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investigators with the da office canvassed neighbors to collect video from their surveillance cameras. people bring flowers and photos as they try to contemplate the enormity of the loss. at ghost ship in oakland, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. one of the tools atf used after the fire was put out was a thermal imaging camera to determine the origin of the fire and the cause. abc 7 news reporter, vick lee has the the story. >> the ghost ship fire moved quickly, furiously. flames so intense it wasn't long before the roof and second floor collapsed. a doctor is a world renowned expert in the analysis and investigation of fires and explosions. >> there is a collapse of the roof. a lot of the three dimensional objects become two dimensional. >> in the immediate aftermath, the fire investigation becomes more challenging. >> charring, melting of objects, electrical activity, or lack
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there of. >> among the evidence, the most important clue. >> they're looking for indicators that tell them how intense the fire was, which direction it was moving, and that helps them try to, find the origin. that's when atf and other investigators use tools like this one, a thermal imaging camera. >> it picks up -- signals of heat and you can use that to map out an area and see which areas are still warm. as opposed to areas that have gone cold. >> the mission of investigators to look for the origin of the fire. and then you can look for the cause. here's what regular images look like. the cup on the table is red. because it is filled with hot coffee. my face and hands are red. because of the warm blood flow. and in a fire, the camera picks up heat in places you can't see. >> for instance, the fire started inside the wall and the wall is warm, you may understand, you may know that you need to remove the sheet
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rock to look into that area. with the camera like that. >> anything that is warm or hot is emitting energy. and the infrared spectrum. you can't see it with the naked eye, but you can with a thermal imaging camera. vick lee, abc 7 news. the friends of the fire's youngest victims say they're in disbelief one week after the 17-year-old musician died inside draven mcgill's classmates, visited the memorial growing. a singer who attended the school for the arts in san francisco. another young man sang in the choir with him and says he was a big fan of the music being played last friday night. >> heard some sort of rumor that he wasn't supposed to go out that night. and for him to actually go out was -- i don't know, it's -- i kind of wish he didn't to be honest. he recently moved to dublin and
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took bart to his school in san francisco every day. >> many people want to help in some way to do something positive in the whack of the tragedy. you have a chance to do just that this weekend at the crucib crucible's annual holiday art sale. abc 7 news in oakland at the crucible as artists worked on pieces and set up the glass wear, ceramics, sculptures all creations of local artists. if art isn't on your holiday gift list. maybe santa knows some one who needs a refurbished bike. >> we are going to provide lots of opportunities to come and learn what we do, what artisting community in oakland is about and exploring ways to support the community in a larger sense in the aftermath of the tragedy. >> take a look at this. jewelry created by oakland middle school students. take classes at the crucible. beautiful jewelry. crucible holiday sale runs saturday and sunday. >> there is another way to help the fire victims and families. abc 7 news at the fox theater in oakland where tickets for a benefit concert next wednesday
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went on sale. the rock group primus is one of the headliners. >> celebrities pitching in to help victims of the oakland fire. tmz reports, chelsea handler donated $5,000 this week to the cue care and fund me page. other donors, lena dunham, zelda williams and bill musgrave. thanks to the generosity across the bay area, the page is at $5292,000. of $750,000 goal. this is a live look at a memorial and benefit for victims of the oakland fire at oakland museum of california. there will be a special dj tribute there and in just a little while we will take you live to that site coming up. >> the weekend is finally upon us. and it has been a wet past few days across the bay area. >> sure has. maybe a wet few more, looking live from our golden gate bridge camera. spencer christian here with the first look at the forecast. spencer. >> going to be a partly wet weekend. live doppler 7. areas of green showing up, on
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the screen right now. showing areas of moisture approaching the coastline. start to see light showers over the next few hours. but of the bigger map of the storm as well to our northwest at the moment. let's take a look at our forecast animation. and see light showers moving through the bay area during the early mid evening hours. later tonight. showers become widespread. then after midnight. we will see heavy downpours, sweeping through the north bay. this storm that is approaching, ranks two on the storm impact scale. in a noemt i will snow you the scale and show you exactly what impact to expect from the storm. alma? >> thank you, spencer. >> repair work wrapped up on the broken main in san francisco. let's take a live look at fourth and howard street. both of the streets remain closed. and take a look at what the same area looked like when the pipe burst around 3:00 this morning. water flooded underground garages and loading docks. broken pipes, dated become to the late 100s. santa clara county announced
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tonight it will pay $3.5 million to settle the case of former inmate. michael tyree, allegedly beaten so badly by three guards at the santa clara county jail last year that he bled to death internally. all three guards have been charged with murder. 85% of the settlement will go to tyree's 7-year-old daughter. >> one inmate who escaped thanksgiving week sentenced to 49 years in prison. laron campbell at arraignment facing a 46 year plus sentence for various crimes. time added on because of the jail escape brought the sentence to 49 years. the man who escaped with campbell had his plea hearing continued until next month. >> concord police need your help to night to find this man who they say burglarized saint agnus church. police say he hoped himself to donation money and made off with a parishioner's jacket and cell phone. this is a picture of the
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suspect's truck driving away from the church parking lot. if you know who did this, contact the concord police. >> police in kansas city say there could be arrests after a brawl between raiders and chiefs fans. the five was caught on cell phone video posted to twitter during last night's nfl game between the two rival teams. see fans on both sides throwing punches in the stands. some people just went flying down several rows of seats. security finally broke it up. the raiders by the way, lost the game, 21-13. >> the tales are emerging on the land deal being put forward to keep raiders. the term sheet, offered by a group headed by hall of famer, ronnie lott lays out funding for a $1.3 billion stadium on the coliseum property. there are highlights here. $400 million from the lott group. $500 million from the nfl raiders. and $200 million in infrastructure improvements. funded by revenue bonds. it also sets aside land for an as stadium if needed.
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councilman larry reid says the deal is the best city and county have ever put together to keep the raiders in oakland. adviser for oakland mayor harris agrees. >> the nfl has wanted to see that the city of oakland has the will and initiative to complete big projects. that's what it is seeing. that is what is to be celebrated. more important, to do it without placing a burden on the taxpayer. >> city council and alameda county board of supervisors will vote on the term sheet tuesday. if approved it will be presented to nfl owners at their meeting the next day. the raiders have no comment tonight. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 -- san francisco billionaire stepping up to help end one of the city's biggest problems. >> now is your time to come forward. and to get every child in san francisco into a home. >> also, for sale on craigslist. for the right price, popular san
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francisco pizza joint scan be yours. >> gift card ideas and tips coming up on 7 on your side. >> and check out a time-lapse from our tahoe camera tonight. it looks quiet up there now. it could be an entirely of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. more than 1,000 homeless families in san francisco right now. >> the bay area ceo philanthropist wants to find them hoechmes. cornell bernard shows you a team effort under way to help.
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and trying to find permanent housing in pricey san francisco. >> times where it was just, it was hard. but, i -- a smile on my face. keep it going. >> help is on the way. now is your time -- to come forward. and to get every child in san francisco into a home. >> sales for ceo and philanthropist challenging others to match his $10 million donation to make family homelessness a thing of the past. >> you can see there are zip codes in san francisco that really can be destinations for kids and success. and attend san francisco public schools. he's teaming up with the heading home campaign. a $30 million partnership with hamilton families, an organization already providing housing assistance.
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and what they can afford today. and provide a subsidy. >> the program is working. 95% of families, don't return to homeless not. and permanent housing through the program. >> i just wanted to have a christmas with my son in our own home. >> other parts of homelessness are going to be more difficult when you are dealing with adults, with drug abuse, criminal history. >> the goal to eliminate family homelessness, by 2019. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. well, east bay high school students walked out of class today to try to prevent young people from being deported once president elect donald trump takes office. >> there was congressional action on the front. abc 7 news anchor is here with the story. >> yeah, president-elect trump promised he would repeal president obama's executive order to protect young undocumented immigrants brought here illegal as children.
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today students and parents marched to sound off against the trump plan. >> ee wawe want to get our voic so people can know that we want to stop donald trump from deporting. >> the small vocal group walked from oakland technical high school to the federal building. they want president obama to pardon young immigrants before he leaves office so mr. trump would not deport them as threatened. and they're getting some help. today, a bipartisan bill was introduced in the senate. that would extend legal protections to young immigrants for three more years, if they are in fact revoked. senator dianne feinstein one of the bill's co-sponsors. there is also a big national day of action tomorrow here at the facebook page for the event. for local march in oakland that begins at 12 noon at the
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fruitvale building. dan, alma? >> thank you. san francisco restaurant up for sale getting attentiontion for the way it is being advertised. this ad showed up on craigslist a few days ago. says well established e eed win. $150,000. pauline's pizza on valencia. the restaurant known for growing ingredients at the owner's farm. >> make meatballs out of lamb that we grow at our farm. we have goats. i grow all the vegetables, fancy greens. >> owner cynthia winestein opened it 30 years ago. she said it is time to retire. winestein hopes to sell to some one who will continue the farm to table concept. hopes to continue supplying the organic ingredients. popular bay area coffee chain is expanding thousand of miles from its headquarters. pete's coffee announced it will
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build a roastery, 200 miles south of washington, d.c., in virginia. the company hopes the roastery will help get fresh coffee beans to growing east coast business faster. pete's has 23 stores in the d.c. area. >> now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> if you haven't heard. get ready for rain. here is live doppler 7. easy for me to say. we have little patches of moisture showing up on the radar screen already. and, actual rain is a few hours away. so let me move in here, give you what is outside. what is happening now. the view from the rooftop camera. and towards center. it is 60 degrees here. and looks out over san francisco. a few clouds over the bay area right now.
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and emoryville, westward across the bay. these are forecast features. see downpours arriving during early morning hours tomorrow. showers in the afternoon, tapering off tomorrow night. and overnight lows, morning lows, mid 50s. pretty mild overnight. not very cold at all. and here is the storm impact scale. we rank intensity of each storm. storm coming in overnight. and ranks two on the impact scale. moderate intensity will produce brief, heavy downpours. we will see 1/4 inch to inch of rainfall in the urban areas. one to three inches in the coastal hills. on we go to forecast animation story. 7:00 this evening. during the evening hours. of until after midnight. we'll see scattered showers developing. by 2:00, 3:00 a.m. massive heavy rainfall. moderate heavy rainfall through the north bay. push southward through the central part of the bay area. by 7:00 a.m. later in the day. late morning.
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midday, see most of the rainfall pushing to the south bay. and some in the east bay. but, the storm will be breaking up in north bay in the afternoon hours. finally, as we get into the late afternoon and ear evening. rainfall will end. and be left with mainly cloudy skies. dry conditions late tomorrow night into, into sunday. our projection for rainfall totals is a little bit lower than it was a couple hours age looking at mainly, 1/10 inch. mountain view. a third. san jose. over 1/2 inch. wetter locations in the north bay. and snow will fallen the sierra. in the higher elevations. snow levels generally around 9,000 feet. don't expect more than 2 inches in places that actually get snow accumulation. high temperatures tomorrow will be mainly in the low to mid 60s. near the bay, inland. upper 50s. near 60 on the coast. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. after tomorrow's rather moderate to heavy rainfall at times. we'll see sunny, brakes sunday. dry day also monday. but with increasing cloud.
6:21 pm
then a storm comes in tuesday. and one of the impact scales. more showers. and system ranking one on the scale. and a slight chance of more rain next friday. we have got a nice wintry weather pattern. shaping up. >> perfect. thank you, spencer. >> coming up next on abc 7 news at 6:00. may the force be with all of you. >> yeah, a teen treated for leukemia as a child is givin
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today, 16 year answ survivo returned to the hospital at stanford university. >> abc news 7 reporter, shows how he is helping other young people battling the same disease. a few unlikely characters at the hospital, this guy in darth vadar gear. meet the storm trooper who made it all happen. diagnosed with leukemia at 6 months old. his cancer is in remission. >> let's bring star wars to the kids. >> big star wars fan, he considers this a cool way to
6:25 pm
connect with other kids dealing with the same disease. and battling leukemia too. >> it's been hard. just going through it. but i am strong. and i can fight. >> the tam family remembers the time when their son was in the hospital bed fighting cancer. so this is their way of paying all of the support forward. >> and perspective. and these are true heroes. >> how are you feeling now? how are things these days? yeah, pretty hot inside the costume. >> a little discomfort. well worth the payoff in smiles. in palo alto. lonnie riviera. abc 7 news. >> and, kids across the country can look forward to the newest
6:26 pm
star wars out next week. and to night you can catch the cast of star wars, rogue one on jimmy kimmel at 11:35 after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> the sound of the holidays back at union square. the salvation army expects to raise $1 million for food and housing program. >> much more ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> members and artists, this video intended to provide basic stpz steps to make your party safer. >> bay area residents are out out with a video to keep your party safe. >> honoring their lives. we know the identity of the 36 victims of ghost ship fire. we remember their lives through those who knew them well.
6:27 pm
>> and, russian interference? the president orders a probe into potential election related hacking. stay with us another half-hour
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask
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breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. here is what we have learned from the investigation into the oakland warehouse tragedy. inspectors ruled out an old refrigerator as the cause but in the area of origin.
6:30 pm
electrical systems are potential causes. >> and, forensic happing agents from the bur roeau of alcohol a firearms, set up cameras to produce a diagram of the ghost ship, process to take two to three days. in the wake of the tragedy last friday, a message to night from oakland residents how to throw a safe party even if it is an unconventional place. >> eric thomas is live at oakland museum of california where an event will help victims of the ghost ship fire. eric. they will have a moment of silence for them tonight. and get together to make a video how to have a safe party whether your venue is conventional or unconventional.
6:31 pm
the video runs 4 1/2 minutes. and produced and directed the video after hearing about the ghost ship fire. it is aimed at event planners. >> we have a tool kit. they can throw parties as safely as possible. >> survivors described the ghost ship as a fire waiting to happen. producers wanted to take us some place doing it right. at that point, the only thing you are going to be able to see anymore are signs at the floor level. >> owner of residential community gathering space radius showed us lighted exit signs at the floor and ceiling levels as well as the the smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and heavy duty sprinkler system and unblocked exits. it cost $250,000 altogether. >> a lot of the --
6:32 pm
and reaction to the ghost ship fire doesn't trigger a wave of evictions. >> i don't think evictions are the answer. i don't think seeing artists on the street is what i want to see come out of this. >> he would prefer negotiations between landlords. city officials and tenants aimed at creating safer housing. and along writ normwith events, wine, a moment of silence, and there will also be, this evening, donations collected for victims of the ghost ship fire. live in oakland. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> all right, thank you, eric. again our website is abc 7 if you want to seep the whole video. >> the final five victims names released to day and include a popular dj who was at the ghost
6:33 pm
ship to perform. >> abc 7 news reporter, has their stories. >> in this 2012, 9th floor interview, joey shared his passion for performing. and joey casio, joseph matlock was a dj who made his mark in olympia washington where he released music. a friend shared the 2011 video of him performing in davis. everyone was dancing. >> one of the first things i noticed about the show. right away. >> he says offstage, joey casio was gentle and tender.
6:34 pm
and he described as having quirky intelligence and looking out for others. when she traveled to boston, he made sure she had emergency numbers and knew all the good restaurants. wadsworth, a local consultant studied in boston at harvard university. at the time of the fire, wadsworth was living at the ghost ship warehouse. friends are also grieving, couple michelle sill van and wolfgang renner who attended the party together. while the university of southern california school of sin matic arts is mourning 2008 graduate, jonathan bernbaum, a dj who traveled the world. and you can show support to the victims of the tragedy by sharing this badge on facebook. find it on our page. 7 news. president obama has ordered a full review of foreign hacks related to last month's election. the intelligence committee will look into the 2008 and 2012 elections and look for evidence
6:35 pm
of hacking. and including e-mails. and not calling into question the election results. we are taking seriously our responsibility to protect the inning ri tee in integrity. >> the president wants the report before he leaves office next month. >> the federal government will run out of money in a little more than two hours unless lawmakers pass a temporary budget. u.s. senate remains on track to vote on the bill that would enable the government to keep spending until april 28. democrats from coal states stalled the process of appointing, approving a budget. nay want to extend certain benefits for retired miners for one year. republican as grs agreed to pro payments for four months. >> still ahead at 6:00. holiday shopping as easy as going to the supermarket. up next, how retailers are
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making it easier than ever to get a gift your loved ones will enjoy. >> later, traveled to the moon first. all the years later, this tree is thriving outside the state capitol. we'll have the the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make:
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on track to spend $140 billion on gift cards this year. really what do you need to look out for? how can you get a deal? >> can you believe we spend that much money. >> here with thoughts. >> yeah, we, money on gift cards these days. with gift cards you give the monetary value and the gift. for some, the reason goes, why should you substitute your judgment for the person you are getting the gift for. no more going from store to store looking for the perfect gift or, even the perfect gift card. about half of all men and 3/4 of women plan to give gift card this holiday season. but numbers like that, stores are making it easier to buy the cards. like this one, found in many supermarkets. cards for stores, restaurants. even disneyland. in fact, the bay area is where these giant racks of gift cards were first rolled out by grocery
6:40 pm
giant safe way. wendy works for safe way. >> during the holiday season, gift cards are very popular. old and new. the new, that rack of cards. the old, this coin star exchange kiosk. here you can exchange gift cards for cash. >> it is possible. increase around the holiday season. >> so all the cards, everybody got last year they dent use or want. >> of right. exactly. >> you receive up to 85% of the card's worth. adam levin is the author of swipe which just came out in paperback. in it he warns people to be on guard for scams and schemes. he says it is important to make sure the gift card you buy hasn't been tampered with by thieves. >> they get the number. they then wait for you to buy the card. when you authorize the card they will then move in and drain the card. >> there are also online gift card exchanges. i will post some of the web sites on our web sites.
6:41 pm
you can check them out. i want to hear from you. 7 on your side, hot line is open. my number -- and you can reach me on my facebook page, abc 7 news. >> thank you, michael. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00. while clouds drop rain on us in bay area. new questions on what will happen to clouds in the future. >> stay with
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of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california,
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you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today. one of the trees to the moon and back. take a look, the step at the north entrance. sits a tree that doesn't look much different than the others that surround it. and hundreds of seeds to the moon. then brought them down to earth. nasa says it was a good way to connect america to the mission. one of those seeds was planted, 45 years ago at the capital. you wouldn't know it was special unless you took a closer look. >> we redesigned the security kiosk. we made this one a different shape than the one on the other side to accommodate the tree. >> that tree is now 120 tall and
6:45 pm
thriving. well, while cloud are dropping rainfall on the bay area, study is raising questions about what they might do in the years ahead. abc 7 news anchor, eric thomas has the story. >> if you are frying to document the effects of climate change you deaf nifinity track tempera and melting glaciers. and oceanography and two universities to crunch 25 years worth of satellite data on clouds. and opposite direction towards the north and south poles leaving a thinning gap in the middle including parts of california. >> so, the subtropics, regions
6:46 pm
like in mexico or southern california, are getting less cloudy. and that's what the study detected. >> david and his team at the university of california are working on new ways to measure while they did not take part in the study, they say that data is critical to understanding how our weather might change over decades or even centuries. >> we know in the past that cloud and particular rain clouds have shifted over time. leading some parts of the globe to get significant rainfall in the past that they don't get today or vice versa. >> they believe the migration is driven in part by human activity and they understanding is crucial. and the complicated role, cloud play in regulating the temperature. >> how they warm is and will depend upon what the cloud will do as they warm. >> eric thomas, abc news. >> research funded by several agencies including nasa.
6:47 pm
>> the weekend is here. in the bay area, will we see the sun at all? >> spencer christian back with the forecast. >> likely second half of all the weekend. right now, live doppler 7. see moisture, pushing its way into the bay area. few showers devil offing later in the evening. here's what's coming with the storm. morning downpours. early morning downpours before sunrise matter of fact. scattered afternoon showers. literally dry by tomorrow night, the storm coming in. ranks two in our storm impact scale. scale of nod ralt nod -- scale moderate intensity. low 60s. sunday, start the day with clear skies. sunny throughout the day. clear into the evening hours. sunny day for the 49ers to take on the jets. sunday afternoon, levi stadium. game time. sneep. kickoff. 1:05. 58 degrees. game in search of a winner. accuweather. seven-day forecast. dry conditions sunday, monday. but, light rain storms on tuesday and wednesday. a dry day thursday. another chance of rain, next
6:48 pm
friday. just kidding about the game. somebody will win. >> maybe. >> maybe. >> all right. thank you. >> all right. may be football and basketball season. there is baseball. >> yes, here with that. >> this is of what the giants needed. they introduce the man they say is going to save the day when it comes to the ninth inning. a guy who has gone swimming with the sharks. so how much st
6:49 pm
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good evening. start with baseball news. giants spent $62 million for the new closer they introduced to day. they hope that he is a cure for a ball pen that blew 32 saves last year. nine of the blown saves came in september when they were most painful. he in contrast, blown only 10 in three full years as a closer. wearing 41, he had 47 saves last season. split time between the pirates and the nationals. in fact he got the most saves of any major leaguer since becoming a closer full time. in mid 2013. apparently the man is fearless. he swam with the sharks in new zealand. staring down the ninth inning.
6:52 pm
nothing. >> yeah, ask my wife that. and now that i have three kids. that slowed down a little bit. >> the one play that has people really perplexed in last night's loss to kansas city. fourth quarter pass. could have been a touchdown. should have been a touchdown. derek carr in the pocket. fires downfield. watches it fall to the ground. they know it is time to go for it. can he lose the ball? the wind knock it down? there is one suggestion on twitter that the ball may have hit the spider cam capeles above for the tv camera. nbc says that did not happen. and even amare wasn't sure what happened after the game. >> as the it was coming down. it moved at the last minute. that's why it looked like i might have stumbled. i was running in the right direction. and kind of moved inside at the
6:53 pm
last minute. i didn't have time to get it. >> really weird play there. >> raiders, king, he was doing a lot of dancing during oakland six-game winning streak. carrying on. and having a good time. well, chiefs tight end, travis kelsey provided pay back last week. riding the pony after one touchdown. and more than happy to discuss it. >> he told me i didn't have any rhythm. >> i've don't think you do. >> what did you say to him? >> i said watch me. watch me in the end zone again. >> alden smith met with roger goodell today in new york. and reinstated. would love to have him back for a playoff run. at this point there is no timetable on the decision by the nfl. >> the team that was supposed to need time to gel, won its 20th game last night. putting the warriors record now at 20-3.
6:54 pm
unbelievable. golden state, 2-0. on their current five-game road trip. with upcoming stops in memphis, minnesota and new orleans. last night the warriors took advantage of the jazz, who are without four starters. they cruised to victory in the game. so your assessment, coach kerr. >> pretty good rotation. we found our roles. i think we need to be more consistent. all and all. very pleased with where we are. we have -- a lot of improvement to do. >> finally, different kind of golf has thee golf has theed are. a bee on the golf ball. took a liking to the ball. harris english was using. after much concern. flick it off there. they finally gently use a tee. a delicate operation. and the bee is gone. english by the way is in first place. one last note on him, he wears a heart rate monitor when he pitches.
6:55 pm
always trying to stay calm and cool. giants skipper, bruce bocce, went last year might be time for the manager to strap on the heart rate monitor as well. he is hoping things are much, much calmer in 2017. >> all right. thank you, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy, channel 13. why google employees not getting their usual christmas gift this year. 9:00. >> three jail guards accused of beating an inmate to death. now a multimillion dollar settlement. on abc news at 11:00. where the money is going tonight. >> as we leave you we pause for a few moments for what really matters. to honor those we lost last friday. one week ago tonight dozens of people were doing what you might be doing right now. getting ready for a night out with friend. they went to the so-called ghost ship warehouse in oakland, fruitvale nabbed eighborhood to fun. for 36 it was the last night of
6:56 pm
their lives. it shoe not have been. they should be with to us night. the legal cyst temperature will determine who is not and who is responsible. but for the moment we remember. >> and that is our report on this friday night. we do leave with you a special tribute to the 36 people who lost their lives in the ghost ship tragedy. gone but never forgotten. >> thank you for watching. good night. ♪ ♪ >> any time we lose the a community member, we feel it. there is a human side to this tragedy. >> what he would have been if he had survived. he always wanted to be remembered. you don't forget people like that. you just don't forget. they loved each other very much. he immediately made his presence
6:57 pm
felt strongly. he touched everybody very deeply. >> the world is young people ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- an aquatic veterinarian from orlando, florida... a retired lawyer and software developer from philadelphia, pennsylvania... and our returning champion, an editor from vermilion, ohio... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. he was with us at the beginning of this week.
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